Basic pikeminnow fishing info

excellent fighting power on light tackle, great fun for all and especially for children.

They are regarded as pests because they compete indirectly with salmon anglers by feeding on salmon fry and eggs. This is why this derby exists; to lower the population of Pikeminnows in Cultus Lake that eat the Cultus Lake Sockeye fry. However, this native species has a fascinating life history and plays an important ecological role in watersheds of the Pacific Northwest.

Salmonoid Predation

Northern pikeminnow are a major predator of juvenile salmon

Oregon State University states that while it has been determined that these invasive species do prey upon salmon, northern pikeminnow are still responsible for around 70% of predation on juvenile salmonids.

Yes there is so much concern for salmon fry predation in the Columbia River system, certain US States actually pay people to fish for pikeminnow. The Northern Pikeminnow Sport Reward Program